Fun & Action for the whole family

Such unique attractions as in the Ötztal are just calling out to experience a fantastic holiday full of strong impressions and adventures as a family.

Feel like a hunter in the Stone Age for once. And then get up close and personal with the kings of the air. What sounds like an adventure film becomes an impressive reality in the Ötztal. In the legendary Ötzi village, things long past come to life again. Experiencing and participating in village life in the Neolithic settlement is a fascinating experience for young and old. So is a visit to the neighbouring bird of prey park. As fabulous excursion destinations for families, these highlights guarantee a terrific day out.

Ötzi Village & Birds of Prey Park as fascinating worlds of experience in Umhausen, Ötztal.

How can you start a fire with stones? How does bread taste according to an ancient recipe? Who is the best archer? Hardly anywhere else can you immerse yourself in life over 5,000 years ago as authentically as in the Ötzi Village. In the archaeological open-air park, you can marvel at prehistoric buildings, ancient hunting and working tools and once extinct breeds of domestic animals. There is also an audio guide in several languages, free guided tours and courses where you can learn the skills of primitive peoples.

Opening hours: 12.05. to 15.10.2023 | daily 09:30 - 17:30 (October: until 17:00)
Guided tours: 10:00 | 12:00 | 13:00 | 15:30 - Duration: 1 hour

Right next to the Ötzi Village is the Bird of Prey Park, which also offers a unique experience. To catch sight of a bird of prey in the wild, you have to be very lucky. But here you can admire a whole flock of these kings of the air: Eagles, vultures, kites, owls, buzzards, falcons, ... Cared for by falconers in a species-appropriate environment, these rare birds show off their spectacular flying skills during demonstrations in the open-air arena. The impressive animals can also be seen up close 30 minutes before and after the show.

Opening hours: 12.05. to 15.10.2023 | daily 11:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 16:00 (except Monday from 11.09.)
Flight demonstrations: 11:30 | 14:30 | Sundays and public holidays 16:00 (02.07. - 10.09.2023) - Duration: approx. 45 min

Further information: https://www.oetzi-dorf.at/

Tip: Combined ticket for Ötzi Village and Bird of Prey Park available

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