Rich selection and the pinnacle of enjoyment

The gastronomy in the Ötztal is diverse and high quality.

The wide culinary selection ranges from traditional Tyrolean fare to current food trends and award-winning cuisine.

In the Ötztal you will find a rich culinary selection with gastronomic quality standards.

Tyrolean gastronomic culture is based on a rich tradition and at the same time shows itself to be in tune with the times. Situated in the heart of the Alps and Europe, a distinctive regional cuisine has developed, which has, however, taken up numerous influences over the course of time - certainly in the sense of a best-of of good taste.

So first of all, of course, the down-to-earth, exquisitely flavoured Tyrolean fare is part of the local culinary scene. The classic Austrian cuisine with tempting pastries and delicate meat dishes such as the famous Wiener Schnitzel is also part of it. Culinary traditions from neighbouring Italy have also found their way in, with pasta and pizza being the most prominent representatives. Fine French cuisine has also always had its place, especially in the upscale gastronomy. Recently, international influences, including Asian fusion cuisine, as well as the focus on vegetarian and organic cuisine, have expanded the culinary spectrum.

This diversity is reflected in the gastronomy of the Ötztal, whereby the uniform characteristic, at least largely, is the high quality standards. Where guests from all over the world dine, they should only be offered good things. You're sure to find something to suit your taste in the wide range on offer, with variety guaranteed and pleasant surprises or new discoveries quite likely. A selection of over 130 restaurants in the Ötztal gives you an initial overview.

In Sölden, culinary greetings from Italy also invite you to enjoy ¬- dishes as delicious as at home with mum.
We would like to take this opportunity to point out that A CASA has recently enriched the culinary scene in the Ötztal. The special culinary touch is already revealed by the name: "A CASA da Mamma" is the name of our pizzeria in Sölden, which also reflects the family atmosphere. Neapolitan pizza, prepared from the best Italian flours and tomatoes as well as fresh ingredients, and a variety of other Italian dishes are served. Our team of chefs and waiters from Tropea and Naples guarantee their authentic character. Buon Appetito!

Traditional Tyrolean and Austrian food as well as a focus on regional product

Regional products are preferred in the Ötztal, and not just for the traditional Tyrolean and Austrian cuisine. It starts with breakfast, when the milk and yoghurt come from local farmers or the apples come from Haiming, the “Meran of North Tyrol” as an excellent fruit-growing region. Located at the entrance to the valley at the foot of the protective Tschirgant, wine has been grown there for some time and has already won awards. Consciously focusing on regionality has several advantages. Firstly, it protects the environment simply because of the short transport routes. Secondly, small-scale, natural, high-quality and healthy food producing agriculture is promoted. Thirdly, their products guarantee absolute freshness and excellent taste. The diversity of the Ötztal products comes from the five valley zones or levels, from the fertile arable land at the valley entrance to the high mountain terrain, where the grazing cattle on the alpine pastures feed on aromatic mountain herbs. You can get a little insight into the regional cuisine here, with interesting information about local producers as well as foods, recipes and more.

Upscale (award-winning) mountain gastronomy with excellent cuisine and that certain something

Mountain gastronomy in the Ötztal is presented at a high level in two senses, with that of Sölden being briefly introduced here. Of course, their spectrum is wide and extends from the umbrella bar to the ski hut to the mountain restaurant, whether with a spacious freeflow or a sophisticated service area. You can find an overview and subsequently interesting insights - including appetizing ones from the menus - here.

The FALCON à la carte restaurant, which opened in 2021 at the Gaislachkogl middle station, offers an example of creative, cutting-edge cuisine based on regional products. The FALCON market restaurant takes up current food trends with vegan and vegetarian dishes, curry and ramen, and the show kitchen also meets contemporary standards. Attention is also paid to an appealing ambience, the added bonus is the magnificent panorama on the mountain heights - as is the case with the gastronomy on the glacier.

The crowning glory in the Ötztal is of course the award-winning gastronomy. The “Ötztaler Stube” in the “Das Central” hotel has even been awarded the legendary Toque d’Honneur, the eternal treasure from Gault & Millau, and has recently been awarded three toques by the renowned restaurant guide. Chef Michael Kofler has been successful with authentic Alpine cuisine for years. The second award-winning restaurant in Sölden is at the highest level in a broader sense, which immediately leads to a recommendation:

Tip: The gourmet restaurant ice Q, located at an incredible 3,045 meters above sea level, has once again been crowned with two toques. In the highest award-winning restaurant in Austria, the view of the Gaislachkogl peak is accompanied by the pinnacle of delights. Chef Klaus Holzer spoils you with unusual culinary combinations - a culinary and high alpine experience that you should treat yourself to.

Après-ski and nightlife – long drinks with a glacier panorama and chilled out cocktail bars

In a winter sports paradise like Sölden, après-ski is also practiced in a variety of ways, whether at umbrella bars, in huts, pubs or bars. The stop is a tradition and for many people is part of a successful day of skiing. You can find an overview of where people are loading at the end here.

Tip: After a great day of skiing, you can relax in the middle of a glacier panorama at the “Snow Beach” with its relaxation hut. On the Tiefenbach glacier at 2,800 m, “your bistro & your bar” ensures deep relaxation in the high mountains with a relaxed atmosphere, chilled rhythms and cool drinks. For many and many, après-ski fun is already the start of nightlife. This can be celebrated in a number of trendy bars in Sölden - here is an overview. The palette is as colorful as the various music styles, which provide acoustic background or even dancing fun. After a delicious dinner, we recommend one of the atmospheric cocktail bars, such as the Skybar 2100 in Hochsölden.

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