Skiing enjoyment, summit happiness and the magic of the slopes

The joy of skiing couldn't be greater than in the Ötztal - with Sölden as a ski area of ​​superlatives, full of highlights and peak moments of winter joy.

The fascination of skiing reaches its peak in the Ötztal

Blue sky over the white mountain landscape of the Ötztal, surrounded by peaks of 3000 m. Millions of glittering snow crystals reflect the sun's rays. The mountain air is crystal clear and expands your lungs with every breath. The brilliant panorama expands your view. You glide over the snow almost effortlessly, quickly gaining speed and making wide arcs. With elegant curves you let the white splendor be dusted. Your gentle trail plows through as if through powdered sugar. Inspired by the dynamics of body movement and the play with forces, the enthusiasm increases steadily. Beaming with joy, you are sure: skiing is magical, pure enjoyment. – And this one is the biggest!

Why skiing and snowboarding in the Sölden ski area is the ultimate pleasure

It's no secret where in the Alps the hearts of skiers and snowboarders beat faster. As the “Heartbeat of the Alps”, Sölden is preferred by ski fans and snowboard enthusiasts from all over the world. The best way for everyone to understand why this is is to go on a local winter holiday. But the numbers and facts alone speak volumes:

You're sure to go to the Sölden ski area - no matter how good you are at skiing or snowboarding

The 144 kilometers of slopes in Sölden offer great variety and the perfect ski terrain for everyone. 69.8 km are blue, 44.8 km red and 27.4 km black pistes, as well as 2 km of ski routes.

Blue slopes have a gradient of up to 25%, are usually particularly wide and are also suitable for beginners. Every skiing technique can be used or practiced on these, from snow plowing to proper turns and carving. Red slopes have a medium level of difficulty and a gradient of up to 40%, making them suitable for advanced skiers. Black slopes with a gradient of over 40% are for real experts and require mastery of short turns.

3 slopes with different levels of difficulty as a recommendation

The blue slope No. 38 on the Tiefenbach glacier also opens up the breathtaking world of snow and ice giants for beginners and those returning to skiing. At 3,250 meters above sea level on Tiefenbachkogl, you'll be unbuckling before you've even strapped on your skis or snowboard. Because when you look at the view from the BIG3 panoramic rock walkway, no one stays cold. You shouldn't miss this outstanding high alpine experience! After the joy of reaching the summit, you can head down the mountain on the extremely wide, evenly sloped slope to the valley station. Constantly accompanied by a fantastic panorama.

The red piste No. 11 from Rotkogl is also a wide run with pleasant but steeper terrain. There are a variety of options here: you can practice dynamic springing in your knees on a mogul piste, and you can let the powder dust you on a freeride route. The beautiful view of the valley also calls for repetition - and then we head up the mountain again for the Dacapo.

The black piste No. 14 at Giggijoch/Hainbachjoch is a wonderful challenge that gets your pulse racing. From the Giggijoch mountain station the chairlift takes you up to 2,744 m, where the starting point is below the Hainbachjoch. It's up to you whether you cover the 500 meter difference in altitude on the steep descent quickly or elegantly - although good technique and fitness are required for this little adventure.

BIG3 Rally as a highlight: For winter sports enthusiasts in good physical condition and real Sölden fans, it is an absolute highlight and a welcome baptism of fire. In the legendary BIG3 rally, the aim is to ski up and down the three three-thousand-meter ski mountains Gaislachkogl, Tiefenbachkogl and Schwarzenschneide in one day. The impressive key data of the ski tour: almost 50 km total distance, more than 5,200 meters of altitude difference - up and down - and a good 4 hours of pure fun on the slopes. Skier's heart, what more could you want!

Tip: With the Sölden Winter Challenge you can expect an exciting challenge and great prizes at the same time! The aim is to successfully master up to 16 tasks in the ski area. What is required are ski skills, stamina, the joy of discovery and the desire to strike a pose. You can get a Sölden Buff (6 badges collected), ski passes (from 9 badges) and vacation stays (from 13 badges). So let’s go and enjoy the magic on the slopes!

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