Fun & Action for the whole family

During a family holiday in Serfaus, fantastic excursion destinations are close by and lead high up as well as rapidly downhill - along with great fun and grandiose experiences.

The dream is as old as mankind and fascinates young and old. Who wouldn't like to be able to fly? What would it be like to chase an eagle high in the air over the landscape? The answer can be found above Fiss, near Serfaus. It is called the Fisser Flieger and is one of many attractions that are a fabulous destination, especially for families. The wind also whistles around your ears at a second great promise of fun & enjoyment, the Fisser Flitzer. If you're not flying & whizzing, you're missing out! 

Fisser Flitzer as mega-fun in the Fiss Summer Fun Park, near Serfaus.

Your start at an altitude of 1,812 metres: Get on the toboggan, push the stick forward and off you go! With up to 45 km/h and an average gradient of 19 percent, you're off at a rapid pace. 2.2 km through the middle of mountain meadows and many a surprise: ice cave, "burning barn", pirate ship, ...

The Fisser Flitzer is a highlight of the Fiss Summer Fun Park. Children from the age of 7 and a height of 130 cm are allowed to ride alone, below that only with an accompanying adult. In any case, it's great fun for young and old.

Fisser Flieger as a little adventure and a big amazement  

Even greater than the thrill is the excitement in the Fisser Flieger. First put on the pilot's waistcoat, then buckle up, the safety check and finally: Wow! Lying on your stomach and with the giant kite above you, you fly downhill at 80 km/h over the landscape - at a height of up to 47 metres. From up there, the view of the Tyrolean mountains is just as breathtaking as the feeling. Here, your wish to soar through the air comes true. Flying could hardly be easier or more fun. Let's go for an adrenaline rush!  

Further information: https://www.serfaus-fiss-ladis.at/en/Summer-holiday/Families/Summer-Fun-Park-Fiss

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