Good cuisine on holiday is no secret

Having your own kitchen on holiday has many advantages. Especially in the Genussland Tirol. The local specialities and ingredients alone promise great culinary delights and variety.

In any case, the fully equipped kitchens in our flats offer: full flexibility in terms of time; pleasant privacy even when dining; cooking what is guaranteed to taste good, and cost savings. In addition, the opportunity to really spoil yourself and your family or friends without much effort.    

Where does it taste best?

"It tastes best at home" is a well-known saying. Is it just a matter of habit? Or is it the family recipes that have been handed down, that mother's, father's and especially grandmother's cooking was or is always a delight? No matter. In any case, one of the many advantages of having your own kitchen on holiday is that you don't have to do without your own special preferences. What is served at home also tastes good on holiday. Often even better, because the moment or the surroundings are so beautiful; because the appetite is big after a day of skiing or hiking ...

Fully-equipped, modern kitchens promise comfort and good food.

We want you to want for nothing on your holiday. Therefore, each flat offers a fully equipped kitchen, including microwave, hob, oven, dishwasher, fridge and coffee machine. So all possibilities are open to you, also as far as your cooking skills are concerned. If you then wield the sceptre or stir the wooden spoon yourself in the kitchen during your holiday, this brings you a number of advantages: 

Advantage 1: Your own preferences and needs come first - so it always tastes good.

If you cook for yourself on holiday, you can fully take into account your own preferences and needs or those of the whole family. This can concern dishes that are not available in the holiday country, or the type of preparation, the size of the portions, preferred spices and much more. This also makes things easier for food intolerances. If you determine the menu yourself, nothing can go wrong - on the contrary: you don't need to change your eating habits and can spoil yourself and others as the mood takes you.

Advantage 2: maximum flexibility of time - eat whenever you like   

Why not sleep in for a really long time on holiday and then have an extended breakfast! In a hotel, the breakfast buffet would have been cleared long ago. You don't have to worry about that any more than you have to worry about the opening hours of the restaurants. Whether breakfast at lunchtime or a spontaneous snack - e.g. when the children get impatient - whether an early five o'clock dinner or a late midnight snack: just as you wish!    

Advantage 3: pleasant privacy - enjoy it casually and relaxed

Do you like to enjoy your muesli in your pyjamas or your first coffee in bed? Unlike in a hotel, this is no problem in a flat. Instead of a dress code, buffet queue or table reservation, the motto is: great relaxation and cosiness! That's what the cosy kitchens are for. Like, for example, for a romantic dinner while the children are already asleep in the room next door. Where sun and mountain scenery beckon, breakfast or a snack on the balcony are the crowning glory. You can feel completely at home - and at the same time in a holiday paradise, a double pleasure!

Advantage 4: great cost savings - holidaying cheaper but still full of enjoyment  

Self-catering naturally saves a lot of money. So it makes sense to treat yourself to more in other ways, such as leisure activities, cultural enjoyment, ... It is even more obvious to reward yourself with culinary delights. In other words, you don't need to save money on groceries in order to still dine more cheaply than in a restaurant. So it can also be something special - and preferably high-quality products from Tyrol.    

Shopping opportunities - with recommendations of regional products

A successful holiday includes discovering and enjoying the special cuisine of the host country or region. Just like the local gastronomy, this can be achieved by buying your own food. As a recommendation: Look out for Austrian and especially Tyrolean or regional products! Supermarkets also offer such products (AMA quality seal, AMA organic seal, BIO VOM BERG, ...). The quality is usually even higher if you buy directly from the producer, at farmers' markets or in farm shops, as well as from the local baker, butcher or cheese dairy. Here is an overview of shopping possibilities in the Ötztal and a few Ötztal specialities as well as a selection of farm shops in Serfaus.      

Discover and enjoy Tyrolean and regional cuisine

Conjuring up a real Tyrolean Brettljause, or rather Marend, is just a matter of making the right choice. For the warm cuisine you also need to know how. Therefore, as an introduction to Tyrolean cuisine: 14 recipes for typical Tyrolean dishes including ingredients for the Tyrolean Marend. In addition, a small insight into the culinary arts of the Ötztal including a recipe for "Hosnar mit Schlompar".

Tip: Further inspiration can be found in the kitchen secrets of the chefs of the original Tyrolean inns - from farmhouse bread to Graukas soup and braised chamois.   

We wish you good luck and bon appétit!


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