Fantastic day tour over the Timmelsjoch

The Timmelsjoch is considered one of the most beautiful Alpine crossings and is ideal for a day trip through the imposing high mountains down into the South Tyrolean vineyards.

Tyrol's secret gateway to the south as a fantastically beautiful route through the high mountains

At 2,474 meters above sea level, the Timmelsjoch is the highest pass crossing in the Eastern Alps. Also known as the "secret gap" in the Alps, the connection between North and South Tyrol is one of the most impressive and scenically enchanting Alpine crossings of all. The Timmelsjoch often appears in recommendations for the most beautiful Alpine passes for cyclists, the most spectacular motorcycle passes or even as a dream route for convertibles. The route is a fabulous choice for a day trip from Ötztal over to Passeiertal and all the way to Meran.

Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road - from legendary mule track to magnificent panoramic road

The Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road - usually open from the end of May to October and daily from 7 am to 8 pm - is a masterpiece of road construction. Opened in 1959 on the Ötztal side up to the top of the pass and completed in 1968 as a north-south link, the pass road winds its way through the majestic high Alpine scenery with around 30 hairpin bends. The gradient is up to 13 percent.

Stone Age shepherds, documented in Obergurgl from 6,300 BC, are likely to have used the Timmelsjoch as a crossing point. In the Middle Ages and early modern times, it was an important traffic route, with goods being transported on horses and mules along the mule track. Even later, the Ötztal Krax carriers with up to 100 kg on their backs were still famous, as were the smugglers' paths - today hiking trails.  

To get an idea of the adventurous course of today's Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road, it is best to take a look at the time-consuming snow-clearing operation, which begins in April and lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Snow poles up to 8 m high are erected so that the course of the road remains approximately recognizable for the snow clearers. In the end, the walls of snow that are milled out reach a height of 10, in some places 15 meters!

Tip: A cycle tour in the first few weeks after the road is opened is particularly fascinating due to the meter-high walls of snow.

Panoramic and winding route with rewarding stops along the way.

Those who love the feeling of curves will certainly not miss out on the route from Sölden up to the top of the pass (22.3 km and 1,269 m elevation gain) and down to St. Leonhard in Passeier (29 km and 1,821 m elevation gain). It's around 74 km from Sölden to Meran and takes between 1 ½ and 2 hours. Even passionate car and motorcyclists like to shift down a gear, as there are always fantastic views to enjoy. The architectural sculptures, some of which have a futuristic look, also catch the eye at 6 stations, where informative information about the region's nature, culture, history and society is provided.    

Tip: The stations known as the "Timmelsjoch Experience", such as the Pass Museum, are accessible free of charge and are well worth a visit. This is another reason why you should plan a time cushion for the excursion! 

Through a diverse and enchanting landscape from the Ötztal ice giants to the South Tyrolean orchards

The journey on the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road is also a journey through different stages of vegetation. The fascinating landscape ranges from lush alpine meadows and blooming mountain pastures to alpine rose slopes and windswept Swiss stone pines to barren high mountain landscapes with snowfields even in midsummer and views of the sparkling ice of the nearby Alps. Sheep, goats and sometimes even ibexes line the route.

As you continue south, the climate becomes increasingly Mediterranean in character. Colorful orchards and picturesque vineyards then characterize the scenery. From the Ötztal Nature Park through the Ötztal Glacier World to the Texel Group Nature Park, the largest protected area in South Tyrol, the route leads along natural Alpine jewels.

TOP Mountain Crosspoint - with a unique motorcycle museum and first-class restaurant

The Top Mountain Crosspoint, where the toll station is also located, is well worth a visit. For fans of motorized two-wheelers, the exhibition at the TOP Mountain Motorcycle Museum is a must. Over 500 exhibits of rare, partly antique vintage motorcycles and classic cars from 1885 to the present day can be admired here. The building complex, which is characterized by modern wooden architecture, also houses the valley station of the Kirchenkarbahn cable car, which takes you to the high altitude and hiking regions above Gurgl, as well as a restaurant with a panoramic terrace. Culinary treasures and delicacies from north and south invite you to take an enjoyable break.

Tip: Free travel on the Postbus and ÖVG buses with the Summer Card. A particularly impressive experience from the bus seats, i.e. the elevated control room.

Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road:

Season: mid-May / beginning of June to end of October
Opening hours: daily 07:00 - 20:00
Tariffs for self-drivers (there and back): car € 24.00 | motorcycle € 21.00 | with bicycle free of charge

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