Ingenious James Bond experience on the mountain

The James Bond adventure world 007 ELEMENTS at the summit of a three-thousand-meter peak crowns the Sölden film location with a cinematic sensation - and not just for film fans.

Immerse yourself in the Bond universe - "on top of the world" in Sölden!

In the run-up to the filming of "Spectre", the 24th installment of the legendary James Bond film series from 2015, film director and Oscar winner Sam Mendes and production designer Dennis Gassner, who also won an Oscar, wondered how they could top the previous film Skyfall.

Gassner traveled to many countries "to find this unique location", as he explains in the first behind-the-scenes clip for Spectre. In the midst of the breathtaking mountain scenery high above Sölden, he concludes: "We will make the whole thing exciting for the audience. And what could be more exciting than being on top of the world?" Daniel Craig was also impressed, "Bond girl" Léa Seydoux found Sölden beautiful and her fellow actor Dave Bautista even said of the location: "It's surreal, it looks like a painting."

In addition to the concentrated action, the Bond films' recipe for success includes the most beautiful and spectacular locations in the world. In Sölden, they not only felt honored by such an award as a filming location, but also created a true cinematic monument to the most famous film series of all time: 007 ELEMENTS - the worldwide unique James Bond experience world at the summit of the Gaislachkogl (3,048 m). Anyone staying in Ötztal should not miss out on this highlight in the midst of the equally grandiose mountain scenery.

007 ELEMENTS - on a voyage of discovery through high-tech galleries inside a three-thousand-meter peak

Nowhere else can you follow in the footsteps of Agent 007 in such an original way as in Sölden. As you float up the mountain on the futuristic-looking Gaislachkoglbahn cable car, you can imagine yourself in the role of Bond or in one of the suspenseful film scenes - filmed at the middle station.

Tip: There is a combined ticket that includes the ascent and descent on the Gaislachkoglbahn I & II and admission to 007 ELEMENTS.With the ski pass in winter or the Ötztal Summer Card, you only have to pay the entrance fee.  

After the breathtaking views in the gondola, you can access the "Barrel of the Gun" barrier-free from the mountain station. The oversized "revolver course" as the entrance to 007 ELEMENTS gives visitors goosebumps with its dramatic title sequences and music.The panorama in the open-air area "The Plaza" is even more overwhelming thanks to the charming interplay of top architecture and the Ötztal high mountain backdrop.

Seven further rooms follow in the subterranean building, which projects impressively into the mountain peak. The journey through the Bond universe is highly informative and interactive. The "Tech Lab", for example, offers fascinating insights into the latest technologies used in Bond films. In the "Action Hall", stunt scenes and special effects take center stage.

Here you can also admire the plane that was wrecked during the thrilling chase.

Tip: The glacier road in Sölden, which winds its way up approx. 15 km to 2,800 meters, is also worth seeing as the scene of the wild chase. In summer, it invites you to discover the cool glacier world by car (toll road), glacier bus or as a bike tour. In winter, the panoramic road leads to the ski paradise, where the glacier tunnel between the Rettenbach and Tiefenbach glaciers is another enticing location.        

To top it all off, head to the Ice Q - indulge in culinary delights like a movie star, as relaxed as James Bond 

Like a sparkling crystal in the middle of the Ötztal Alps, mirrored and spectacular, the ice Q heralds culinary summit experiences.

The gourmet restaurant in the vicinity of 007 ELEMENTS was one of the main reasons why Sölden was chosen as the location for Spectre.In the film, the exclusive location served as the Hoffler Clinic, where Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, meets Léa Seydoux, aka Madeleine Swann, for the first time.

The alpine gourmet temple also served as a luxurious catering venue for the film crew during filming and was once again awarded 2 toques by Gault&Millau in 2024.An unforgettable highlight as a harmonious setting for an enjoyable end to the personal Bond adventure. A martini is also served.Whether shaken or stirred, a visit to ice Q is a good choice either way! 

Recommendation: ELEMENTS BY NIGHT invites you to visit the cinematic installation at night once a week. This is another opportunity to combine the fantastic experience with the delights of ice Q and toast to culinary delights in the literally cinematic setting at the Summit Dinner!

Tip: 007 ELEMENTS is not air-conditioned due to the permafrost - so wear warm clothes even in summer!

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